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At Lodge Auto Centre we specialise in turbochargers. Repair, modify, supply parts and complete turbochargers. Below is a small sample of our products, if you dont see what you are looking for please email us from this web site or phone.More than likely we will have it or can saurce for you. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Since the beginning of Lodge Auto Centre over thirty years ago we have been involved in this specialist part of the industry and can offer you a comprehensive range of New and rebuilt turbocharges to suit original manufactures equipment (OME), motorsport, commercial and industrial applications as well as a full range of rebuild kits and individual parts for almost any turbocharger We are the sole supplier of Biagio Turbocharges in New Zealand, which are manufactured to our requirements and specifications. Being a specialist part of the industry it requires some very specialist equipment and we have everything here at Lodge Auto Centre including our Heines vibration sorting rig (VSR) to ensure your turbocharger is as good as new.

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How to read biagio short codes : SP3255G

SP= SPORT has an inconel motorsport shaft and a 360deg thrust.

3  = Turbine style 3=T3std trim. 3a =stage2 T3. 4= O trim T4. 5= Ptrim T4

2  = Bearing body style 1=Tuna 1 (T3). 2=Tuna2 (TB04B). 3=Tuna3 (T04E)

55= Compressor cover size to the nearest full mm

L  =.7ar compressor cover

G  = Internal waste gate

As we are constantly importing large quantities of Biagio turbos from Brazil and with the everchanging NZ dollar, we are always working to bring you the lowest prices possible. So just give us a call or shop online for the Biagio Turbo of your choice and we will work on giving you the best price possible. From $645.00 + GST

V Trim

SP3152G, SP3a352G

 Compressor Flow 50lbs/mim will support up to 400hp depending on housing/turbine combination

Suit 2L-3.5L modified engine

Turbine wheel options: STD T3, Stage 2 T3

Turbine Housing options: .63 T3 gated .63 stage2 gated and non gated.


1310595262_V trim.jpg

52 Trim

SP3a354G, SP4354, SP4354L

Compressor will flow 45lb/min and will support 350/420hp depending housing/turbine wheel combination.

Suit 3.5L or diesel up to 4.5L ie: Nissan TD42

Turbine wheel options: T3 stage 2, T4 O trim

Turbine housing options: T3 .63AR gated and non gated,       T4 O trim .83AR


57 Trim

SP3a358G, SP3a358L, SP4358, SP4358L, SP5358, SP5358L

Compressor flow 47lbs/min will support up to 465hp depending on housing/turbine wheel combination.

Suit 2L - 4.5L engine

Turbine wheel options: T3 stage 2 trim, T4 O trim, T4 P trim.

Turbine housing options: T3 .63AR gated and non gated, T4 O trim .83, T4 P trim .84, (T3+T4 flanges) 1.04AR,1.32AR,1.54AR


60 Trim


Compressor flow 55lb/min will support 550hp

Suit 2.5L - 5L engine

P trim turbine wheel

Turbine housing options: T3 flange .84AR, T4 flange .84AR,1.04AR, 1.32AR, 1.52AR.



63 Trim


Compressor flow 65lb/min, will support 650hp, 65mm inducer .7AR compressor cover with surge relief.

Suit 2.5L to 5L engine

P trim turbine wheel

Turbine housing options, T3 flange .84AR, T4 flange .84AR 1.04AR, 1.32AR, 1.54AR


65 Trim

SP3252, SP3a252

Compressor will flow 35lb/min and will support up to 300/350hp depending on turbine housing/wheel combination.

suit 1.8L - 2.2L petrol or 2.5L -3.2L diesel

Turbine wheel options: STD T3, Stage 2 T3

Turbine housing options: T3 .63AR gated, .63 stage 2 gated and non gated.



Subaru VF22-VF35 From $1586.00
Isuzu VI Range


From $1283.64
Mazda VJ Range


From $1381.76
Hino VX18      $1364.62



T25 Any combination


T25 Land Rover 1208.25
T28 Ball bearing From $1396.41
T28 Nissan SR20


From $1396.41
T3 RS Sierra Cosworth From $1838.45
T35 Escort cosworth


From $1764.83




TD04 Range sectioned turbo From $1431.74
TD05H Range


From $1562.64
TD05H EVO 1 > 4


From $1873.70
TD05HR EVO 5 > 7 From $1876.90

Turbocharger Rebuild Kits


TD025 Kit with thrust 221.69
TD04 Kit 226.94
TD07-08 Kit with thrust 326.43



TB03-T04 Kit with dynamic seals and gaskets 182.22
TB02 Kit Major 219.44



RHB52 Kit   196.83
RHB3 Kit   237.33
RHC6 Kit   263.25
RHC7 Kit   269.94



CT9 Kit Minor (No thrust) 195.75
CT12 Kit Minor (No thrust) 197.75
CT20 Kit Major (With seal plate, seal, gaskets & thrust) 308.40



HT10-12 Kit Major (with gaskets) 415.40



K26 Kit (With gaskets) 256.17



Kit suits all Biagio turbos                         1310602125_biagio kits pics 14-7-11 001.jpg $178.45+ gst


GASKET KITS for most makes and models available from $35.00 +GST
Gasket Kit  

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